Wineryin Mancy

Production plant and storage are located at Mancy, near Epernay. It contains a total of 15,000 HL over a surface of 10,000 M2, and 3,5 millions bottles, protected from the natural lighting.

Natural temperature all over the year is around 12 degrees.

The House has 2 other pressing sites, in Sézanne and Vallée en Champagne.

photos en carrés et losanges de vieilles bouteilles issues de notre vinothèque.
photos en carrés et losanges d'un tonneau en bois de bourgogne


Esterlin House practices fermentation at 16 degrees temperature. We stop second fermentation to preserve original acidity and the freshness of wine.

Our malolactic fermentation free process keep complexity of aromas and endows the wine with a great ageing capacity.

The premium vintage Cleo Blanc de Blancs is vinified 1/2 in oak barrel (400 L). Wood brings softness & higher complexity to the wine to make it a great vintage.